New Beta, stable release coming soon

Prepared for Debian 6

I'm proud to announce the immediate availability of LinuxLive USB Creator 2.7 RC1.

So what's new in the second Beta ?


As always, I added support for new Linux distributions. Persistence is now available for Debian 6.X !!!

I had to modify my code in order to support the new Archbang 2011.01.

There are also some new features such as :

  • Auto-detection of syslinux 3/4
  • Improvement on default mode which should work with almost any Linux distros
  • Download folder for Linux ISO can be changed (saving to a NAS is experimental but seems to work)
  • Ability to force default mode in options
  • New translations : Dutch and Russian
  • New splash screen with status
  • Improved update system (faster, less queries, secured over HTTPS)
  • Better free space calculation

Don't forget to make some feedbacks on this beta. You can download it here.

I also need your help for translations, you will find everything you need to help me in the readme file.

Find below the full changelog since LiLi 2.7 Beta.

Have fun !

New Linux

  • Peppermint OS One 01-04-2011
  • Debian Live 6 (Gnome) (with persistence)
  • Debian Live 5.0.8 (Gnome/KDE/LXDE/Xfce/Standard)
  • Clonezilla Live CD 1.2.6-59
  • Puppeee 1.0 (Celeron)
  • Puppeee 1.0 (Atom)
  • Sabayon 5.5 Gnome & KDE (Needs Testing)
  • BackBox 1
  • VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)
  • SMS (Superb Mini Server) Live 1.5.5
  • IPFire 2.9 - Core 44
  • ArchBang 2011.01 "Symbiosis"
  • Chakra 0.3.2 RC

New features and improvements

  • MAJOR : Auto-detecting syslinux 3/4 and using the good one
  • MAJOR : Persistence for Debian 6.X
  • MAJOR : Default mode is little bit clever and more flexible
  • MAJOR : Download folder for Linux distros can be set (saving to NAS is experimental but seems to work)
  • MAJOR : You can now force LiLi to use default mode or same parameters as any Linux supported (not only the latest versions)
  • MAJOR : new translations : Dutch, Russian
  • New splash screen with infos
  • Created an Install-Only flag for Linux distros without Live mode
  • Faster to check for update and to create keys, less web queries and more secured using HTTPS
  • Free space calculation is more accurate
  • Fixed bugs :
  • Trailing zeroes were not trimmed on MBR ID for OpenSUSE
  • Forcing default mode was blocking step2
  • (Bonus) LiLi MD5 Hasher was compiled for x64 instead of x86
  • potential bugs with options menu
  • proxy username, password and URL could not be longer than XX caracters
  • FS#304 (unwanted name changes) may be fixed using an alternative method (needs confirmation)
  • could not click on licence in the options + dead links on contact and license

Known Bugs

  • GUI can flicker when LiLi is busy
  • Mirror checking can display erroneous latencies
  • Progress bar not progressing sometimes


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