LinuxLive USB Creator is currently supporting these Linux distributions:




.IMG files are supported but it's experimental: it works only with a Live mode (no persistence) and no virtualization (because there is not enough free space on the USB key after writing the IMG file). LinuxLive USB Creator will only burn the .IMG on your USB key, nothing more.



These versions should work but I will provide no support whatsoever:

  • Any modified variants of the supported versions (like translated ISO)
  • Any Linux using syslinux or grub and USB boot capable (most of them are)
  • Any non "Live" version of the supported Linuxes (but only for booting and installing on disk since they are not "Live")



These versions WILL NOT WORK:

  • BSD variants
  • ISO of Windows XP or Mac OSX



If you want me to add support for another Linux distribution, please use the Submit a Linux form.