Work in progress

So, what am I working on these last few days/weeks ?

Well, I'm a bit overwhelmed by things to do right now.

I tried to design a new graphical interface which could look quite nice but is a disaster for real usage :




It is too transparent and not original enough. If you are a designer and have some ideas to suggest i'm open to any ideas you could have.

I'm also still working on the code to improve it. I've already coded few things :

Improvements :

  • LiLi will alert user when detecting a really corrupted ISO even before trying to install from it (if 7-zip is not able to list files in it)
  • space calculation is more accurate when using an ISO
  • better reporting in logs

Fixed Bugs :

  • crashes when ISO is corupted or cannot be opened by 7-zip
  • somes features (auto-updates) were not working when using a proxy
  • Recalculating free space when selecting/unselecting VirtualBox option

I also tried to add persistency for Debian Live variants but I did not find any method really working in Windows (tried both home-rw and live-rw files, tried persistent-path argument, tried root=UUID= arguments ). Nothing worked. If you have any piece of information about how to make it work I'm interested.

I also tried the new OpenSUSE and still not working in Live USB mode but i need to do more testing. Same as above about the documentation.

I'm currently also working with François from LiveUSB Multiboot ( http://liveusb.info/ ) to see if LiLi could install multiple distributions on the same stick in future releases. I tried its software but it did not work as it should. I'm not sure that LiLi could do the same thing in Windows (Live USB Multiboot is a Linux software).

I will try to release a little update soon with Sabayon 5.3, SystemRescueCD 1.5.8, Mint 9 LXDE and few others.




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