New features to come

I'm still working hard on next release.

This is a little list of new features that should be available with LiLi 2.6 :

  • AutoClean : LiLi will create a batch file to let users uninstall LiLi from their thumb drive
  • Accurate free space calculation : LiLi should be able to calculate free space on thumb drive more accurately (taking account cleaning of previous LiLi installs)
  • Reduced graphical interface : Graphical interface will be lighter, easier to use and will fit even on netbook screens (1024x600)
  • New languages available : Chinese and Korean
  • Tenths of new Linuxes fully supported : ArchLinux 2010.05, CentOS 5.5, Fedora Spins ...
  • Intelligent formatting : LiLi will be able to format disks in FAT32 up to 2 TB !
  • Improved stability and efficiency : LiLi will be faster to launch and more stable (especially true for x64 on AMD processors)
  • New menu : LiLi will let you tweak a lot of new parameters in an Options menu (updates, languages, proxy, advanced settings ...)
  • Miscellaneous : using an installer/uninstaller, caching MD5 hashes, many bugfixes ...
I currently have no idea of when i will release the next beta because i'm not done with the graphical interface design and the Options menu.

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