Please close any window / program using the USB key. This includes Explorer windows opened on your USB key.

All you have to do is to click on the lightning button to start the creation.

How long to create a LinuxLive USB Key?

Here are the steps followed to create the LinuxLive USB key and estimated times:

  • Formatting the USB key (if option checked) (1 min.)
  • Cleaning previous install (< 1 min.)
  • Downloading VirtualBox as a background task * (5 - 10 min. but in the background)
  • Copying source files to the USB key (5 - 10 min.)
  • Renaming some files (< 1 min.)
  • Hiding files (if option checked) (< 1 min.)
  • Creating the persistence file (1 min. per 100 MB)
  • Formating the persistence file (1 - 5 min.)
  • Installing boot sector (< 1 min.)
  • Uncompressing and installing VirtualBox on the USB key (3 - 7 min.)

* If you use a proxy, please be sure that Internet Explorer has an Internet access because LinuxLive USB Creator uses its configuration.

Once your USB key is ready, go on to the next step.


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