How can I help translating?

Adding a translation is very easy.

First, you need to download the latest version of LinuxLive USB Creator (preferably the Beta if there is any). Then you need Notepad++.

You can also use another text editor but it must be UTF-16LE compliant.

Open LiLi's installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\LinuxLive USB Creator\).

Then go to tools\languages\. Copy and paste the French.ini file and rename it to your language name (no special characters, first letter in uppercase).

Do the same to the first line of the file, between the brackets [ ].

Write each translated sentence after the equal (=) sign on each line and please use the same ponctuation.

Once you are done you should try your translation: start LiLi, open the Options, then set the new language.

If your translation seems correct, please send it to lili-translations (at) linuxliveusb [dot] com

You can also contact me through the Website contact form if you have any questions or a doubt on the meaning of a sentence.