A few statistics about LiLi

Behind the scene

Some of you may be interested to see a few statistics about LiLi.

LiLi is not only a desktop software. It's a complete solution using both AutoIT for the main software part and an elaborated web interface for reporting and management.

This dashboard (name I gave to this interface) allow me to see some very detailed statistics about LiLi and its users. I wanted to share these with you because i'm kind of proud of it.

I'm the only one to see and know about the dashboard and that's not fair because i've spent many hours developping it.

This first screenshot displays statistics about the latest stable release.


As you can see, LiLi 2.6 has been downloaded 121 752 in 2 Months !! And one third by new users.

There are approximately 3.4 bugs per thousands users. I'm trying to keep this stat as low as I can but trust me that's very hard especially when people try to run LiLi in Linux using Wine.

Next stats are about what you installed using LiLi :


The most installed is Ubuntu 9.10 but Ubuntu 10.10 is going up in the stats very quickly. In one month it will be at the top.

I'm a bit disappointed to see only one distro not based on Ubuntu in the top 10 (Damn Small Linux). But that may change in a near future.

And wow ! Did you see these numbers ? More than 1 million Linux have been installed using LiLi. Not bad for a little software developped by one guy who is not even a developper :-D


This last one shows overall statistics (for every versions since LiLi 1.4 released in December 2008) :


700 thousands downloads ... this is where I say "Thank you TuxFamily for hosting me, keep up the great work !".

Biggest number being 1.7 Million runs. It means that LiLi has been runned 1.7 Million times by 518 thousands single users.

These stats are only a little part of the dashboard. In a future article I will show you more features.

Thank you for being so many people interested in LiLi.


PS : Statistics are completely anonymous. They are based on a unique ID generated randomly.

PS #2 : Next update coming soon with Fedora 14, xPud 0.9.5, Sabayon 5.4 LXDE/XFCE/E17.

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