LiLi is back :-D

And she's got a new friend


Pfew ... Some release are harder than another. I'm sorry it took me so long but my home's internet access is down for a month now.

Thirteen new linux distributions supported. Click "continue reading" for a detailed list.


The new king

Mint, the most popular Linux

Mint 12 is out for a few days and if we trust DistroWatch rankings, it is the most popular Linux distribution.

Ubuntu is very close second. 

Mint 12 is what Linux should be : nice and easy to use. Try it now as a Live USB using LiLi to see by yourself.


Fedora 16

Mint Debian, Sabayon ....

As you may have noticed, Fedora 16 codename "Verne" is available for a few days now.

LiLi 2.8.7 fully supports Fedora 16. Good news is that they fixed persistence (there was a very stupid bug in Fedora 15).

In my opinion, Fedora seems to be one of the most stable Linux distribution out there. I have done very few modifications to LiLi's code to support new Fedora versions since Fedora 12 !!! I can't say the same thing for Ubuntu or Debian.

You will have to re-download LiLi if you want to make Fedora 16 Live USB. As a side note, I think I will stop using the auto-update feature of LiLi in next major version since most updates also need a code update (= new binaries).

For Notebook users : please note that I fixed the bug of unusable keyboard arrows to move the interface.

This is a list of newly supported distributions in this minor release :

  • Fedora 16 "Verne" Gnome/KDE/Xfce/LXDE/Design
  • Fuduntu 14.12
  • Debian Live 6.0.3 Gnome/KDE/LXDE/Xfce/Standard
  • Linux Mint Debian 201109 Gnome/Xfce DVD
  • Gparted Live CD 0.10.0-3
  • Sabayon 7 LXDE/E17/Awesome
  • IPFire 2.11 - Core 53
  • Chakra 2011.11 (CD)

Have fun,


PS : I tried Windows 8 "To go" (kind of a live USB), and let me tell you ... it currently does not compete with any Linux Live in any way.


Oneiric update

enhanced ESXi support and more

Quite a long time since my last update but I have a lot of things going on lately so I'm sorry for that.

This update is adding support for 20 distributions :


A lot of things going on ...

Mandriva support at last !

This update is a big one. And there is more !