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Version 2.0 (November, 1st 2009) :


  • Debian Live 5.0.2 Gnome, KDE, LXDE, xFce
  • CentOS 5.4
  • Damn Small linux 4.4.10
  • Puppy Linux 4.3.1
  • Toutou Linux 4.1.2
  • Gparted Live 0.4.6-1
  • Clonezilla 1.2.2-31
  • Super OS 9.04
  • CrunchBang 9.04 Lite ( BUG#5 )

New Features :

  • MAJOR : Now using a default mode that should work on most Linuxes
  • MAJOR : CD support is back (Live mode only though) ( BUG#10 )
  • MAJOR : Install size is now taken into account when calculating free space remaining for persistency
  • improved manual download : user can choose a mirror in a list sorted by latency
  • A proxy can now be used (need to modify settings.ini)
  • New way to create the Autorun (now listing every .exe of original CD)
  • Populating mirrors in compatibility list. Should speed up downloads for Ubuntu and Debian.
  • Displaying when only Live mode is available
  • Usage of an external file (black_list.ini) for blacklisting ISO that are known not to work
  • Help is now only online, no more Final help screen
  • Adding statistics for ISO filenames (very useful for me to know which distributions users want)
  • Improved hiding and cleaning capabilities (adapting to any ISO)
  • Interface available in Norwegian
  • improved mirror testing
  • improved bug reporting
  • source code has been cleaned up a bit

Fixed Bugs :

  • Error "Cannot access kernel drivers" on X64 systems ( BUG#15 )
  • fixed the help buttons
  • syslinux folder was not hidden
  • may have fixed some crashes (need more testing)
  • back button was displayed even after using it
  • fixed some few issues for recognizing ISOs

Known Bugs :

  • Screen too small for netbooks
  • May hang with Fedora and 256MB set in VirtualBox
  • May not work on XP Home edition ( BUG#12 )