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Version 2.6 (September, 17th 2010) :


  • NEW : ArchLinux 2010.05
  • NEW : OpenSUSE 11.3 (Gnome)
  • NEW : OpenSUSE 11.3 (KDE)
  • NEW : SMS (Simple Mini Server) Live 1.5.3
  • NEW : Linux Mint 9 Debian Gnome DVD
  • NEW : Aptosid 2010-02 "Keres" Xfce/KDE Lite
  • NEW : Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat"
  • NEW : Peppermint OS Ice 07-14-2010 and One 08042010
  • NEW : UberStudent 1.0 LXDE "Cicero"
  • Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" Fluxbox/Xfce/LXDE/Gnome
  • SystemRescueCD 1.6.0
  • Tiny Core 3.1
  • Ubuntu/Kubuntu 10.04.1 "Lucid Lynx" (Gnome)
  • Kubuntu 10.04.1 Netbook (KDE)
  • Super OS 10.04
  • Debian Live 5.0.6 Gnome/KDE/Xfce/LXDE
  • Parted Magic 5.4
  • Chakra 0.2.1
  • Backtrack 4 R1
  • JoliCloud 1.0 (may not work in VirtualBox)
  • Puppy Linux 5.10
  • Salix 13.1.1 : install only (no live mode)
  • Puppy Linux 5.0.1 (Lucid Puppy)
  • Sabayon 5.3 LXDE/Xfce
  • Android x86 1.6 r2
  • Redo backup and recovery 0.9.3

New MAJOR Features :

  • SmartClean will clean the old Live USB installs from your key before any new installs. No garbage files remaining. Plus, you can do it manually by running Remove_LiLi.bat (show hidden + system file)
  • HashCache : you always use the same ISO to crete your keys ? LiLi is caching the MD5 hashes so it will check it instantly once you create your first key.
  • Dual VirtualBox launcher : you already installed VirtualBox ? LiLi is automatically running either the Non-portable or the Portable version if not present. Everything is taking care of.
  • New option menu : let you set langs, proxy settings, advanced settings or force using a Linux parameters (for unknown ISO)
  • New languages : Dutch, Chinese, Hungarian, Russian, Korean
  • Now using a setup installer easier and faster to use
  • You will be alerted if your ISO is corrupted (really corrupted not just bad MD5 hash)
  • Speed improvements : Formatting persistence is now 15 times faster, faster to run/close, accurate space calculation, Portable-VirtualBox will be installed only one time and updated if needed ...
  • Many bugfixes : fixed auto-detecting language, few crashes (iso corrupted, ), auto-update not working with a proxy ...
  • New partnership with if you need to buy cheap CD/DVD/Live USB

Improvements :

  • Improved general stability
  • Auto-restart LiLi after changing language
  • improve the way the GUI appears + new splashscreen logo for waiting
  • Two new parameters : skip_feedback_for_beta and skip_finalhelp
  • updates Portable-VirtualBox pack only if needed
  • use syslinux 4 only when need to (no retro-compatibility with syslinux 3)
  • Alert when detecting corrupted ISO (really corrupted ones)
  • space calculation more accurate when using an ISO
  • creates an uninstall script on the thumb drive + more accurate when calculating free space
  • bonus : MD5 and SHA1 more stable and faster
  • improved way of handling Ubuntu variants + automatically select the preseed
  • new way of calculating MD5 (faster and more stable)
  • automatic downloads are named .temp until completion and put onto User's Desktop
  • divided by 10 the time needed to launch LiLi !! (from 3 sec to 0.3s)
  • using fat32format to format disks of any size
  • compiled using the latest AutoIT
  • Now also committing VirtualBox launchers to SVN repository.
  • Write settings to registry in order to be available after an update
  • Portable mode (does not write to registry), using lili_portable_mode=yes
  • one log per day instead of one per run
  • showing an error when trying to write an IMG file to a busy device
  • does not show "Persistent Mode" in boot options when not available
  • Full proxy support
  • improved the uninstall batch file
  • Better keyboard and locales detection for Ubuntu boot
  • intelligent error detection (on syslinux and 7-zip actions)
  • increased verbosity of system reports
  • status of step 5 should not flickers anymore

Fixed bugs :

  • MAJOR : Fixed some crashes on AMD x64 systems when calculating MD5 Hash
  • MAJOR : GUI could freeze when opening the options menu
  • MAJOR : crashes when ISO is corrupted or cannot be opened by 7-zip
  • MAJOR : on multi-user systems language detection could be wrong
  • somes features (auto-updates) were not working when using a proxy
  • Recalculating free space when selecting/unselecting VirtualBox option
  • Android x86 not recognized
  • bug when syslinux 4 was used (Ubuntu 10.10 for exemple)
  • does not unselect the ISO when no file is selected
  • auto-detecting language now using the current user language instead of OS Language
  • VirtualBox launcher was not detecting non-portable virtualbox on x64 systems
  • bugs when extracting (now answers yes to every questions)
  • syslinux.cfg file not cleaned when in root folder
  • Boot menu unreadable in some languages (unicode not supported in syslinux)
  • Status could be unreadable sometimes
  • could be unstable when no internet
  • compatibility list update could not be over version 10
  • list of linux not showing up sometimes
  • AutoClean batch file was not working on XP
  • display bug on some distro with Built-In persistency
  • progress bar not progressing
  • Netbook warning showing only once
  • non functioning "Make a donation" and "Contact me"
  • little bug on proxy modes( no proxy instead of system settings)

Known bugs :

  • Some translations are missing for Russian, Japanese and Korean (most are in the options menu)
  • Automatic bug reporting not working when using a proxy
  • Cannot stop an automatic download
Changelog for version 2.5