360 !! And I'm not talking about degrees

Wishes granted

It took me a full day of work for this huge update.

I'm adding 32 new linux distributions for an impressive total of 360 different distributions supported !!

Among which, the long awaited Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" Long Term Support, latest Linux Mint Debian and a lot of new ones.

With this new release of Ubuntu, LinuxLive USB website traffic has increased by almost 50%. Thank you for that.

This is the exhaustive list of what's new :


LiLi 2.8 : Eleventh update

new translations and refreshed list

Woah ! This one took me quite some time to release.

Did you know that Distrowatch is counting more than 700 different Linux distributions ? That means a never-ending job to update LiLi.

This new update brings support for :


LiLi is back :-D

And she's got a new friend


Pfew ... Some release are harder than another. I'm sorry it took me so long but my home's internet access is down for a month now.

Thirteen new linux distributions supported. Click "continue reading" for a detailed list.


The new king

Mint, the most popular Linux

Mint 12 is out for a few days and if we trust DistroWatch rankings, it is the most popular Linux distribution.

Ubuntu is very close second. 

Mint 12 is what Linux should be : nice and easy to use. Try it now as a Live USB using LiLi to see by yourself.


Oneiric update

enhanced ESXi support and more

Quite a long time since my last update but I have a lot of things going on lately so I'm sorry for that.

This update is adding support for 20 distributions :