Select an ISO file, CD or folder containing the extracted LinuxLive ISO's files. If you don't have any ISO or do not know what to install, use the Download button and select a Linux distribution (Ubuntu is a good choice to begin).

It is VERY important to read the Support matrix page for a list of currently supported Linux Distributions.

As an alternative, you can use any IMG file as source but be aware that it will WIPE YOUR DEVICE and you won't have access to any advanced features such as SmartCleaning, portable virtualization ...

LinuxLive USB Creator does not support Multi-Boot (multiple Linux distros) on the same USB key: Can I use LiLi to create a Multi-Boot live USB key ?

If you want me to add support for another Linux, use the Submit a Linux.

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For advanced users who want to know how LiLi recognize the files see the FAQ -> How does LiLi recognize a source?