How to compile from source?

In order to compile from sources you will need:

  • LiLi's sources (either those included with each release or in the SVN)
  • The compiler ( AutoIT v3.3.6.1 for LiLi 2.9.4 ), may differ for SVN version.
  • The complete SciTE4AutoIt3 Editor (including some more plugins needed for LiLi)

Once you have downloaded and installed the compiler and the editor, place the sources where they need to be compiled (parent folder of tools/ = same folder as LiLi USB Creator.exe)

Right-click on LiLi USB Creator.au3 and select "Edit Script". You're ready to compile!

Press F5 to compile and run from source.

Compiling takes only a second.

Compiling from source has many advantages:

  • you can edit the code and test some homemade modifications
  • you can see exactly where a bug is (when there is one)
  • you can follow what LiLi is doing