This software has been created by Thibaut Lauzière (a.k.a Slÿm) and is coded using the excellent AutoIT scripting language.

Sources are publicly available on the previous link.

Formerly known as uSbuntu Live Creator, the project started in November 2008, just for fun at first. Then I realize that many people were interested in such a tool and so I started to be more serious about it's development.

LinuxLive USB Creator is released under GPL v3 License Terms which means you can do almost whatever you want with its source code.

Big thanks to all the TuxFamily's team for their kick-ass free webhosting platform!

LinuxLive USB Creator is using the following resources so i would like to thank their respective authors:

Thank you to all the translaters : 

  • Chinese - HuangKris
  • Dutch - William Berzoff
  • French - Thibaut Lauzière
  • German - Dominik Geyer
  • Greek - Krometis (
  • Hindi - Rathin A. Dholakia
  • Hungarian - Gábor Majoros
  • Indonesian - Alvin Hendryanto
  • Italian - Filippo Nevicata,Marco Muracchioli,Enrico Boni
  • Japanese - Kozo Tsuchimoto
  • Korean - JaeHyung Lee
  • Norwegian - Håkon M.E. Sundaune
  • Polish - Miłosz Szymczak
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) - Maurício Sessue Otta,Daniel Teixeira Chaves,Cléverson S.
  • Portuguese (Standard) - João Frade
  • Romanian - Jaff (Oprea Nicolae)
  • Russian - Valerii Dundukov
  • Spanish - Adán Hernández,Hernan de Soto
  • Swedish - Åke Engelbrektson
  • Tamil - Ernesto Balaji
  • Ukrainian - Volodymyr Nazarchuk
  • Kurdish - Haval A. Ahmed

Thank you to all the Beta-testers for their helpful feedback.

Do not hesitate to contact me to join the project.